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Our brokerage provides data and analysis to home buyers and we never represent sellers. We're on your side.


Judy Thompson has been representing buyers in Houston's most popular neighborhoods for 20+ years and Just Buyers Houston is a dba of West U Real Estate LLC. Here's her portfolio, so to speak.

Data Analytics

Henry Kernan is a data scientist with a passion for real estate investing. He was frustrated with how little data is provided by most brokerage firms, so he teamed up with Judy to help remedy that.

What we can do

Every hour we receive new listings and price reductions so you will know quickly about properties that meet your criteria. We also do comparative market analyses that we believe are better than Zillow.

What this means

Buying an asset like a house is a big deal and we help analytical buyers make good decisions. Buy the right thing in the right place at the right price. Be smart.

Let's get right to it.

Do you want to buy a house to live in or an investment property?


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House To Live In

Buy, renovate and flip? Rental? Long-term hold? What is your objective?

Investment Property

Meet our team

Shining a Light for Homebuyers and Investors With Data Analytics



Judy on Henry:
Henry saw my ad in Swamplot and contacted me from Kuwait. I did a price analysis for him and we met face to face in Spring 2016. He was slightly late for our appointment when I saw someone walking down the street. Can that be him, I thought? Yes, it was, and he had taken light rail to get there.
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Data Scientist

Henry Kernan:
Data scientist first, petroleum geologist close second, my passion is discovering the hidden gems in massive data sets. The real estate space is a particularly fascinating area to explore because of the mix of quantitative, qualitative, and spatial datasets.
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Why We Are Different

We have collected and stored multiple datasets, from current and historical MLS listings to flood zones, tax and building permits. Whether you are searching for that needle-in-a-haystack investment property or a home for your family, we can tailor our data output to answer all your questions. Combining 20+ years of experience with the latest technology for data visualization, we are changing the game for buyers.

This is just the beginning of our website. We will be adding data and functionalities soon!